How It Works

About the Mobile Cleaning Truck

  • Carries 400L of water which is filtered and recycled during the cleaning process
  • Has in-built 4-tier filtration system to maximize clean and filtered water for cleaning bins
  • Dirty water is collected, filtered and recycled
  • High pressure water spray is used to clean bins
  • Hydraulic lift system designed to lift bins, minimizing manual handling, and maximizing cleaning with minimal water run off

The Cleaning Process

  1. One 660L or two 120L/240L bins are placed on the hydraulic lift
  2. All rubbish and debris stuck to the bottom of each bin is removed
  3. Each bin lid is sprayed to remove dirt, debris, and cobwebs
  4. Each bin is opened and high pressure water is sprayed inside to loosen and remove debris
  5. Each bin is lifted and tilted to allow water and debris to flow directly from the bin into the recycling and filtering system
  6. Dirty water is collected, filtered, recycled, and returned to the main 400L on-board tank
  7. All debris is collected from the filtration system for correct disposal
  8. Bins are lowered to the ground, then vacuumed and mopped to remove excess water inside
  9. Bins are wiped and dried
  10. Environmentally friendly disinfectant and deodorizer is sprayed into each bin
  11. Bins are carefully returned to the curb or secure area